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    The >DOCS module is used for database-supported management of electronic documents, your company and process-relevant as well as technical internal and external documents. >DOCS offers the possibility to fill out corresponding default documents and to archive them as a proof document in a data-safe way.
    New versions or changes to these documents can be displayed comprehensively and transparently, and are quickly and easily available to the user with essential information such as process affiliation, type, review interval and archiving duration.

    Before a document becomes retrievable, checks and approvals can be defined for the respective document. Only after this workflow, generated according to your specific requirements, has been executed, will the document be visible to your employees. In addition, the relevant persons can be informed by e-mail.
    Documented information can also be provided with keywords and additional information, which leads to an effective search for documents and employees can find targeted information.

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    Benefits for your company

    Our >DOCS has all relevant requirements of a modern and efficient document management system and supports you in the implementation of an effective management system through targeted processing and provision of documents for verification. The requirements of ISO 27001 and TISAX regarding archiving and protection of documents are taken into account.
    By linking to further GUKSA modules, our >DOCS offers you a comprehensive management of documents with additional consideration of process-specific information such as the >PB+ module.

    With customizable access rights, you can ensure that certain people have read-only rights, for example, while others can also edit and delete data. Thus, the >DOCS administrator can e.g. define the organizational sovereignty, so that only certain persons do not get, read or write rights e.g. to financial or personnel data.
    As a result, certain sensitive data (personnel data, customer documents, etc.) can be blocked from access. Furthermore, it is possible to limit the availability of data for a certain period of time..

    • Reduce redundancies by eliminating the need for different document storage and warehousing locations within your organization by using a centralized online tool
    • Sustainable change management of documents through your company-specific defined workflow for review, approval and provision of current documents
    • Efficient access to relevant documents through fast and uncomplicated search functions
    • Document integrity through appropriate viewing permissions that can be determined on a user-specific basis, ensuring your company's data protection requirements are met
    • Control of corporate information and knowledge via access rights
    • Significant effort reduction, as new documents and documents to be reviewed are immediately visible to users, making it easier to maintain your company's documents
    • Facilitation and security of evidence in customer and certification audits through realization of the standard requirement, document control and archiving
    • Meeting compliance requirements through audit-proof archiving
    • Contributing to sustainability and reducing costs through lower paper consumption
    • Translation of document content into different languages
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    Through the connection to the PB+ module, the documents can be implemented directly in the corresponding processes from your process landscape


    With ATS, you can comprehensively analyze and evaluate documents from DOCS (or other documents). Further measures can also be derived for this


    With the TODO Manager, the measures resulting from the review of internal documents can be transferred to a measure tracking. Here you have, among other things, the possibility to plan these measures further, to delegate them and, for example, to receive overviews for evaluation








The GUKSA SOLUTIONS application contains various modules to support and design your main management areas. Please click the corresponding comb for further information.
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The module CSR+ (Customer Specific Requirements) is a software solution for the evaluation, analysis, and management of your customer specific requirements (CSR). The system provides a structured and transparent depiction of customer specific QM system requirements and requirements to a standard (e.g. IATF 16949, ISO 9001, IRIS, etc.).
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