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Mr. Piening also was won by the DGQ again to give a lecture at this year's control. Topic this time „Systematical forwarding of customer requirements in the supplier chain“.

The frequently encountered situation in the market looks like this:

  • No systematical forwarding of CSR to suppliers.
  • Supplier confirmation of implementation and feasibility of CSR in the organization not consistently and systematically regulated.
  • View / tracking of deviations of the specified CSR are mostly not consistently displayed.
  • Important informations are distributed to different areas of the system.

And due to lack of resources the issues described above can not be fully covered and mapped.

From that, resulting risks are:

  • Contractually agreed customer requirements are not met; and thus are unverificable (infringement)
  • Lack of transparency with respect to the suppliers in the field of implementation of customer requirements.
  • Differences in internal and external audits (customer-certification audit, etc.) are the consequences, in turn, wasting resources.
  • Multiple data maintenance; Synchronization of the data is not guaranteed. Information required is partially intangible.

Graphical representation of a solution

1. step:
The company must define which supplier provides for which customer.

2. step:
The company has to analyze the individual CSR and work out the requirements.

3. step:
Now the company has to recognize which requirements relate to the supplier.

4. step:
The company has to forward the specific requirements to the relevant suppliers.

5. step:
The company needs to receive acceptance of the requirements of the suppliers.

In what way the communication and exchange with suppliers takes place must always be adapted to the individual situation, the structuring and documentation of activities however must be governed in principle.

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