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FMEA as a complementary method to increase customer satisfaction
Mid July 2015 Mr. Manuel Santos coached on behalf of the DGQ 13 employees of ABB (Frankfurt) in the fields of production planning, development and QM in the practical implementation of the system FMEA product and process.

ABB was aware in advance about the benefits of FMEA and therefore wanted to anchor this method deeper in the company. The aim is to already detect and correct potential errors during the development phase and therefore increase customer satisfaction in the long term. This could be successfully taught to participants based on company-specific practical exercises and examples.

"The protection of the customer's product problems is an important task of our actions. Errors are not to be detected at release, nor only at the start of production. To ensure this, possible errors should be detected with the FMEA at an early stage in the development and be avoided."
Head of Development

The positive feedback from participants underpinned the success of the training. Below are some comments from the participants during the feedback session:
What was your expectation at the seminar and what additional insight could you win?

"The subject has been dealt with within the framework of the internal auditor training, but only by the hands- on exercises, I have recognized the potential and know now how I can use it beneficial for my company."
Production Planner

"The structure and organization of our complex products are becoming more transparent and thus can be better communicated across departments. It also serves as a good basis for building a knowledge base."

"I hoped for more inputs for the process optimization. With the structured approach of the FMEA and the practical training, there were more ideas to streamline processes. The mindset in functions instead of errors represents a big win for me."
IMS Officer

"I knew the FMEA only from theory and was surprised at how powerful and useful this method can be for us. Especially when looking at the interdepartmental communications (service, supply chain management) and the higher hedge related to product liability I see great advantages."

How do you estimate the expenditure compared to the benefits?

"The FMEA has been more concomitant but can be anchored as a foundation now. Although the initial cost seems pretty great, but once you recognize what information will be obtained from the FMEA, the profit is obvious."
Production Planner

"Every beginning is difficult, but increasing experience also decreases the effort needed. Because on one hand, one wins more safety in the procedure, on the other hand because analyzes of functionally identical components can be adapted to different products."

"One should look at how much effort is already invested in development projects. The sooner the FMEA attaches the future, the more error-free and more efficient development process will be. The important thing is the tight integration of the FMEA process into existing structures, so that it is simply a part of the daily routine."
IMS Officer

MCS and the DGQ say thank you to ABB for intensive cooperation, which made the training a success for the company.