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Whether large or small organizations, the desire to make the quality world a little better unites us…
Under this motto, Guksa has motivated company, to jointly develop a standard for CSR assessments in a workshop. It was important the diversity of a heterogeneous group of companies as possible to take into account an especially wide range of demands. Based on the VDA Yellow Ribbon Quality Management Methods Assessments the systematic from these assessments was presented and discussed. Since you do not have to reinvent something good, the scheme was also largely taken. In the spirit of continuous improvement and also due to the new approach and perspective of risk-based approach of the new requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, we have extended the results from the assessment of our risk management tool.

From left: Sandra Munz (Quality System Manager EMEA - Automotive) TE Connectivity, Stefan Martin (Manager Supplier Quality Systems) TE Automotive, Rolf Husemann (Leader international distribution) Kostal, Aytac Emrecan (UMB / IMSB) Kostal, Lars Abend (Automotive Electrical Systems) Kostal, Stefan Mitschke (Business Analyst - Sales, Programs & Business Development) SAS, Wolfgang Sonntag (Management Representative Quality Systems) Hay Group

In an excited atmosphere and constructive exchange, the participants quickly realized that something universally valid requires time; but that also belongs to the road and was regarded by all participants as a positive and welcome development.

Thus, the foundations for the future path of the working group were laid on this first day. In other meetings that can take place among participants of the working group, we will press ahead with our plans and jointly lead to a successful outcome.

If we have piqued your interest, you are welcome to contact us or follow our news. We will report with certainty the continuous progress of our work, as well as the successful conclusion, at this point.

Stay tuned!

We can call this years customer forum an overall successful event. In a friendly and open atmosphere the customers and prospects who came from various regions of Germany, did not only receive information about new features in the software portfolio from Guksa. With interested companies, a workshop on the subject CSR-Assessments was conducted. Herr Sonntag (QM-Beauftragter/Management Representative Quality Systems) from the HAY Group volunteered, to report on the results of the working group of the CSR workshops from the previous day. Based on the VDA Yellow Ribbon Quality Management Methods Assessments developing a CSR assessments was jointly worked out with connection of a risk assessment. For more information you can see in the report to the CSR-Assessment

An informative lecture from Mr. Bielmeier (Leader Quality Infotainment and CE Devices) from the BMW Group about risk assessment of system audit deviations under TS-audits (RPAS) launched the brand new issue of the risk-based approach in the processes. In this presentation, the challenging question was "Are risk-based system audits a method for sustainable quality improvement?" Answered by the participants with a clear YES. This was confirmed by the many years of experience from the implementation of risk-oriented system audits, which were developed by BMW and MCS and systematically installed as RPAS (Risk and process oriented audit system).

A basic overview of the risk assessment of CSR in the organization gave Mr. Santos as a certified risk manager of ISO 31000. With many lively examples from practice the participants received a new perspective in dealing with risks and opportunities that could be clearly shown by a structured risk management. In addition to the information and solutions which have been conveyed in the lectures, the participants used the breaks to a lively exchange and networking.

Overall we are happy with and have experienced by our guests and participants a successful and pleasant as customer forum. Corresponding evaluations of the participants feedback, see review GUKSA – forum.

In this sense, we see ourselves challenged in the future to carry out interesting events for you.