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VDA 6.3 – the license to audit!
The mission is clear - the project leaders of MCS and two employees of Erbslöh AG confront the challenge of VDA Volume 6 Part 3 within a licensed training course in Lüdenscheid.

(von links: T. Wälzholz (VDA-Trainerin), B. Krebs, J. Rinn, A. Preukschat, C. Deutsch, E. Mertner (Erbslöh AG), J. Dalibor, H.-P. Holzknecht (Erbslöh AG), D. Krebs, M. Cordas dos Santos)

All participants already were internal qualificated VDA 6.3-Auditors, so that the subject was familiar and applied professionally. Only the license and concluding VDA certificate was missing and so all participants punctual and motivated sat down on the 4. January in the rooms of MCS in Lüdenscheid the following 5 days to get the license.

The VDA-trainer Tanja Wälzholz was getting started and the participants took active part in the training course; the group works deepened the learned and the "homework" was handled by all conscientiously.

On two evenings written learning checks were held as multiple choice tests, since the final exam will consist of a vocal and a written part. Each participant was feverish contrary to the tests.

On Thursday, January 7, the time had come - the written test was imminent. An auditor appointed by the VDA (Mr. Busch, Kostal) explained the process - the written test started and after one hour the first part was done.

The participants discussed the results, it was explained, argued, and ultimately all went home with a good feeling; the results were announced a week later.

Then on the morning of January 8th the vocal exam took place based on the specified order of the previous day; at noon all candidates were done and the auditors congratulated to a successful exam.

The successful results of the written exam and the aquired licenses came two weeks later.

We would like to thank Ms. Tanja Wälzholz for the pleasant and very constructive course week - Despite the concentrated contents the fun was not lost, and the motivation was continuously high.

Our thanks also go to the two examiners for a calm and smooth audit process - the results speak for themselves!

Ready for the norms implementation - the first practice compact training to DIN EN ISO 9001 - Update

In Q4 2015, the new standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, edition 2015 appeared.
The changes were not this time purely editorially but implement new approaches, such as the context of the organization, the requirement for the implementation of process management or the model of the risk-based approach.

These issues pose a challenge for the transposing companies, which we want to bring closer as part of our practice compact training course and raise awareness, to actively deal with the new subjects.

The first course took place in our premises in Lüdenscheid on 01/19/2016. It began with information on the revision of the standard by the ISO, then the High Level Structure was introduced. The new terms and definitions as well as the detailing of the new requirements form the third and most extensive part of the course. The subjects were supported by specific case examples, which were worked on in groups and the results subsequently presented in the podium.

(von links: G. Kahle - MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions GmbH, T. Einfeld - BP Europa SE, T. Vollmer - Siegfried Boecker GmbH + Co. KG, J. Baumann – Lederer GmbH, B. Schuster - Siegfried Boecker GmbH + Co. KG, C. Deutsch – Trainerin Ingenieurbüro MCS GmbH, B. Krebs – Ingenieurbüro MCS GmbH)

There was overall a good and constructive atmosphere, which has in particular promoted the professional exchange among the participants. The communicated participants' expectations to the seminar of the seminar, namely to learn the new features of the standard and to get practical implementation tools at hand was done - all felt prepared in the final round of feedback and motivated to face new challenges.