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In the context of qualification measures the company GEALAN 25 employees from different areas of production and construction were trained in System-FMEA. In addition to teaching the general contents of the FMEA, there was particular focus on the practical implementation using examples of companies.
Through extensive group work the participants could learn the systematics of System-FMEA product and process practically in the four-day seminar. Due to the excellent active participation the five steps of the FMEA were developed based on selected practical examples and the results of the different groups presented and discussed.
All participants experienced the seminar as a great help to even better serve the customer requirements in the future and systematically analyze possible errors at an early date and to incorporate the early prevention measures in the product and in the processes.
In addition to the System-FMEA also the theme of the "Special Features" and their handling was discussed in practice. Even executives, such as Mr. Lutz Fischer, who is responsible for the technical direction of the company GEALAN, was favorably impressed with the approach of the training and the achieved results. We wish the company GEALAN successful implementation of the system in the company.

Ship to sea in 2015, all aboard

The MCS / Guksa Christmas party was held this year on a "ship" instead.
All employees, some with partners, had met at a joint Christmas dinner in a Portuguese restaurant in Lünen to celebrate the end of the year with typical Portuguese delicacies and drinks as well as extensive conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.
Through the charming atmosphere of the location, the service and the typical "MCS / Guksa good mood factor" the evening was assessed by the staff to be very successful. What goals and activities we have planned for 2015 did not stand in the foreground this evening. Also, no audits, advice or other MCS / Guksa were carried out activities as customer satisfaction and customer orientation was part of the restaurant guide given anyway. The Board wishes to thank the 22 sailors for the successful evening and for the excellent performance of last year. Our journey continues ...