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As a solution provider at the cutting edge with its issues and solutions GUKSA is not only of end-user demand. So the DGQ has also decided to win GUKSA with its solution for managing customer-specific Requirements for the Control in Stuttgart.
The presentations of Mr. Piening on dealing with customer requirements and Mr Santos into a meaningful supplier management were followed with great interest of a full conference room. With new aspects and an extension of the often prevailing opinions, new perspectives could be demonstrated for the audience. other questions from the participants were discussed individually at the DGQ stand. So the talks could contribute to a successful control visit.
But even in the local region there is an ever growing interest in the handling of customer demands. Therefore Mr. Piening was also invited to the event of the FSV (Forschungsgesellschaft Stahlverfomung eV) in Hagen.
In the circle with speakers such as Mr. Manfred Doberstein of Volkswagen AG, as well as Mr. Michael Lotz of the TUV NORD CERT GmbH and others could take place here for visitors interested in the field of metal forming an exciting and entertaining exchange. Also Mr. Doberstein and Mr. Lotz could with your positive feedback and questions about the software solution CSR+ from Guksa enrich the presentation of Mr. Piening and reflect an external point of view and opinion on this.
Thus, the participants were not only shown the subject processed transparently but there was also a possible solution and support for the daily professional life demonstrated.
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