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At the company IBS Filtran an 8D seminar was conducted by MCS. Everyone involved was clear from the outset, that not the form but the extensive measures of the individual 8D steps have to be in the focus. The individual steps in group work were observated more accurately and necessary
methods and information supply for the individual 8D steps to resolve errors were discussed together and shown the benefits. Only through a structured approach to the error analysis can be ensured that repetition errors are reduced. The result is, apart from the optimization of processes and reduction of waste, increased customer satisfaction aswell as customer confidence concerning the displayed solutions. In addition to conducting the seminar content of the 8D approach, also 8D of suppliers and own 8D to customers were considered more accurate and optimizations for the future worked out together. At the end of the seminar all participants were aware that a meaningful 8D report is a kind of calling card of the company.