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For two years several MCS employees worldwide are on the way for BMW, to identify an assessment for BMW AG concerning the potential risks in the existing supplier management system in the context of risk and process-oriented audits (RPAS) in compliance with the TS 16949 and custom process and system demands. The RPAS scheme is to show to BMW AG the potential for preventive cost savings and improved predictability of the hazard potential of suppliers using the RPAS Assessments. In the focus are:
  • risk identification, comparison and minimization of the potential risks management system of suppliers
  • targeted preventive Q-improvement in the project, production, field and the associated reduction in warranty costs
  • the representation of the hidden risks (iceberg) from the management system for BMW.
The efficiency and effectiveness of processes in the management system are becoming more and more important - hence the RPAS assessments focus specifically on quantitative aspects such as manufacturing efficiencies, competition viewing, risk management, integration of management and customer satisfaction and requirements. From the results it can be seen in which areas concrete opportunities, threats, strengths or weaknesses exist. This value is deliberately placed on ensuring that a consistent and comprehensive assessment of all processes taking place,
their interfaces and KPI are taken into account in all areas of the company and the contractually agreed customer requirements in the system. To ensure this, there is a need to analyze appropriate customized process and system requirements prior to the RPAS audits and assign them to the processes of suppliers. This is done by the software solution CSR+ from Guksa showing the corresponding representation of the interactions between customer and TS requirements.
The management of suppliers and BMW evaluate the results consistently positive, since not only the deviations from the standard are shown, but in particular the objective and reasonable representation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the management system in observance of the potential risks. This includes the changes that take place in the system and should be arranged to reduce targeted the potential risks for both parties. More informations obtained from the RPAS result are:
  • Identification of risks in processes and projects, necessary action plans that can be implemented according to risk priorities and thus give BMW and the supplier the opportunity of early intervention.
  • Transparent and reproducible description of the risk prior organization / projects and the level of required standards to predict difficulties as early as possible.
  • To use the planning and implementation of BMW resources effectively and efficiently.
  • An objective benchmark based on potential opportunities and risks of the assessed organizations.