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This application only runs on Windows 7 or later with Microsoft .NET-Framework (Version 4.6.2).


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With the new software module MultiSite we now offer you the possibility to directly attribute customer specific requirements to their locations in CSR+. You can now manage your locations in any way and also display groups such as DACH / EMEA / etc. Thus, you are allowing that each site can easily take care of its customers and their requirements and will not be overloaded by the total mass of all of the group's customer requirements.

A location specific assessment of the individual requirements is also given of course. You can also compare assessments of multiple locations, so that the group receives a transparent view of the performance levels at the individual locations.

The module MultiSite can be unlocked to an existing CSR+ software. In taking a decision for the MultiSite module, we support you with a day of implementation monitoring, at which we map the structure of you company in our system. At the end of that day you are able to use the full functionality of the module.

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The GUKSA SOLUTIONS application contains various modules to support and design your main management areas. Please click the corresponding comb for further information.
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We have been supporting companies with individual consulting for
over 30 years.
In cooperation with our subsidiary GUKSA, we also offer market-oriented software solutions since 2010.

> Automotive industry
> Chemical industry
> Electrical industry
> Plastic and metal processing industry
> Service companies

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The module CSR+ (Customer Specific Requirements) is a software solution for the evaluation, analysis, and management of your customer specific requirements (CSR). The system provides a structured and transparent depiction of customer specific QM system requirements and requirements to a standard (e.g. IATF 16949, ISO 9001, IRIS, etc.).
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